Doing Business in Asia Conference: Cross-Border Agreement and Legal Convergence in the Asian Century

Dear PCERA Members,

The Singapore Academy of Law is organising an international Conference on 21 and 22 January 2016 in Singapore to discuss the trend of rising economic integration amongst Asian countries and the homogenising effect upon many cross-border trade practices and regulatory mechanisms. The Conference will bring together policy makers, regulators, members of the judiciary, and top leaders from the business and legal communities in the region and beyond to debate and to provide critical insight to the convergence of cross-border business laws, improved legal infrastructure and harmonisation of regulatory standards across Asia.

 The topics covered will include:

  • Formation of cross-border contracts
  • Cross border enforcement of legal contracts
  • Role of legal and regulatory frameworks
  • The role of courts in promoting transnational legal convergence.

The conference will also launch the new Asian Business Law Institute that will facilitate research and publication on Asian legal development and convergence. 

Practitioners and corporate counsel members of PCERA are likely to find this conference interesting, with the opportunity to hear from a number of highly regarded speakers and network with other participants. 

 A flyer more information regarding the event and attendance can be found on the conference website


The Secretary PCERA