Media Release March

MEDIA RELEASE 16 March 2015

The Perth Centre for Energy and Resources Arbitration (PCERA) was officially launched on Thursday 12 March 2015 by the Hon Mike Nahan MLA, Treasurer, Minister for Energy, Citizenship and Multicultural Interests.

The launch function held at QV1 was attended by over 100 representatives from the energy and resources sector. Attendees included members of leading international, national and local law and accounting firms and oil and gas and mining companies.

The Treasurer commended the Centre to industry participants, and reflected on the importance of energy and resources industry to the prosperity of Western Australia, and, indeed, Australia. The Treasurer encouraged the development of the Centre as a means to showcase Western Australia’s strength, skills and innovation.

PCERA is a not-for-profit organisation established to facilitate efficient and innovative dispute resolution in the energy and resources and related sectors.

Mr Craig Colvin SC (a director of PCERA) said the seniority and experience of attendees indicated keen interest and support for a fresh and innovative approach to the resolution of large disputes in the sector. He said PCERA will provide market-leading forms of dispute resolution and support Western Australia as a first class centre for excellence in energy and resources dispute resolution.

Mr Colvin said that arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution remove pressure from the State budget by transferring large and difficult disputes from the Supreme Court to a private forum.

PCERA will support and grow an important part of the mining and resources services sector to ensure that the State’s economy is not just about selling its resources.

It also has the potential to provide a significant contribution to the local economy through the provision of expert professional services and supporting industries such as hospitality.

He said the vision for PCERA was to replicate for Perth the success of other centres but with a focus on the niche market of energy and resources where Perth has an existing comparative advantage over other cities.

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