Focused Dispute Resolution

for the Energy and Resources Industries

A fresh, innovative, and specialised approach to the resolution of disputes in the energy and resources sectors

PCERA coordinates and facilitates dispute resolution in the energy and resources sectors and related industries through arbitration and innovative forms of alternative dispute resolution. The Centre is based in Perth, Western Australia, a regional hub for Australian and Asian energy and resources projects. PCERA draws on Western Australia’s long-standing experience and expertise in energy and resources, and an Advisory Committee comprised of leading international arbitration practitioners from Australia and its major trading partners.

Those engaged in the energy and resources sectors understand that natural resources disputes often involve complex and technical issues. The resolution of those issues benefits from industry expertise and a knowledge of industry practices. There is a corresponding need for a means for energy and resources dispute resolution that provides that expertise and knowledge base. PCERA offers commercial parties and their advisors those means and efficient, cost-effective, and innovative methods of resolving natural resources disputes.





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Advisory Committee

How PCERA Works Across Industries

Project Infrastructure

In disputes characterised by large amounts of technical data and information, PCERA arbitrators focus on the core elements of contention – streamlining outcomes for the dispute.

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Commodity and Shipping

The significant body of learning and elements of international law call for experienced expert arbitrators, which the PCERA panel of arbitrators provides.

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Joint Ventures

When disputes emerge between joint venture and other ongoing agreements, the requirement to ventilate and resolve issues sits alongside the concern to maintain an ongoing relationship. Guided independent assessment followed by arbitration, where necessary, can help.

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Gas Pricing

The PCERA arbitration panel features arbitrators with established reputations in gas pricing disputes. Disputes may be advanced through the use of the expert determination process – clearing the path through the issues in the conduct of the arbitration, and saving time and minimising costs.

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PCERA Annual Conference 2017

PCERA Annual Conference 2017

Perth Centre for Energy and Resources Annual Conference The Perth Centre for Energy and Resources Arbitration (PCERA) held its 2017 annual conference on 5 October at the Perth Concert Hall. Over 120 members and guests were in attendance. “Arbitrator Choice: Avoiding Calamity and Advancing Capacity” was the topic of discussion, particularly considering the cultural and technical implications of choosing particular arbitrators or arbitrator types to...

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